Why Holy Grail Corals?

Your Saltwater Aquarium Needs

Our passion to your reef. From the worlds rarest live coral to designing and installing life support systems for your marine animals, HGC can make your reef dreams a reality. 

A Commitment of Quality

The saltwater aquarium industry and hobby take on great responsibility in choosing to care for such magnificent creatures. HGC prides itself in offering only the healthiest specimens for your reef aquarium. Whether we sell you one frag of coral or stock your entire system, the health and vitality of your coral and fish are our top priority. 

We Don’t Sell Freshly Imported Wild Corals

Although, we do sell imported corals, all of our corals are tank conditioned to ensure health, stability, and provide the best chance to thrive in your reef! This process starts with our carefully selected sources who share our goals and vision. Tank conditioned means we hold and care for corals for as long as it takes to ensure their health. This can take between weeks and months depending on the condition of the individual corals after the collection and importation process. 

Pest & Medicated Dips

Pest and disease elimination is paramount in the long term success of your reef. Our strictly implemented pest elimination process ensures the best chance your reef stays pest free. All of our corals are inspected, cleaned and dipped upon arrival. Some of the more sensitive corals are dipped and inspected weekly while in our care. Breakthroughs in the use of medications for treating corals have truly changed the game. These powerful tools are used on an as needed basis. Not every coral is diseased and not all corals require these treatments however, we do implement the use of antibiotics and other medications as needed.